Paver Sealing

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Paver Sealing

When it comes to interlocking concrete paver systems and maintenance, often times it gets overlooked. Wear to these concrete surfaces begins when the new pavers are installed and exposed use such as foot traffic, vehicular traffic and natural elements of weather. Routine maintenance with cleaning and sealing these surfaces will result in a long life of easier maintenance, aesthetically vibrant and a structurally sound paver system with virtually no wear to the paver surface.

Protection Meets Property Value

Think about your pavers for a moment. In many ways, they face an impossible task: you may expect these systems to maintain a high aesthetic appeal as when first installed, despite the fact that they’re constantly exposed to foot, vehicle and natural outdoor elements and wear.

NuAgain Paver Restoration is here to help. Our industry-leading paver sealing service guarantees the best for your pavers. We’ve carefully curated our sealant, which is the best, most durable product in the industry. Expect optimal performance with:

Long-lasting Protection

Paver sealants are a durable protective barrier allowing beautiful aesthetics and surface protection while keeping wear and tear from the elements out.

Joint Stabilization

Our sealant doesn’t just protect your pavers – it also helps your joints hold their structure for long-lasting functionality.

Color Enhancement

We use a sealant that locks in the fine concrete particles and color elements on the surface of your pavers resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance, giving your property’s curb appeal a boost.

Complimentary Touch-ups

Our team delivers a complimentary annual tune-up to keep your pavers at their best. For an added cost, we can offer an insect maintenance program to deter ants and other pests from undermining your paver system.

Safeguard Your Pavers and Your Curb Appeal

When your pavers are well-protected, your entire property benefits. NuAgain Paver Restoration gives your hardscapes the best service in the industry, and we do it with a service that emphasizes:

Meticulous Service

No part of our service is fleeting. We give your pavers the time it takes to do the job well – and to do it right. The result is protection and curb appeal that will last, and last, and last.

Industry-leading Products

We’ve looked high and low for the best sealant in the industry – and the result is an uncompromising and consistent quality that will benefit every paver on your property.

Quality? Check. Curb appeal? You can count on it. With NuAgain Paver Restoration, your paver sealing service invests in your hardscapes – today and every day.
All of us here at NuAgain Paver Restoration take pride in ability to provide the best in concrete, paver and natural stone sealing.

The final step in the paver restoration or soft washing service:

First we inspect the entire system, prep and mask surrounding areas if needed, to protect from sealer drift

After everything is prepared and protected we gently surface blow the concrete paver system or natural stone to ensure there is no debris on the system.

Painter tarps are spread out at the entry of the paver system to reduce debris tracking on and off the clean system. This area will also serve as our sealer mixing and prep area and helps to ensure everything remains clean.

Field techs will begin to apply the appropriate amount of sealer to your concrete pavers or natural stone. As the tech is applying the sealer, other techs will begin to back roll or brush the sealer to make sure the surface is evenly coated.

Now that your paver system is fully sealed the field techs will place caution tape at appropriate entry points.

We also offer annual and bi annual maintenance programs to keep your system looking beautiful for many years.