NuAgain Paver Restoration and Powerwashing

NuAgain Paver Restoration is the area’s most reliable paver restoration cleaning & sealing contractor, a leader in joint stabilization and high quality penetrating sealant.

How We Are Better

NuAgain Paver Restoration recommends the multi-step process and application of a quality restoration to protect and enhance the aesthetic valvues and integrity of your paver system.

Our Services

We Provide Various Services

We Provide Various Services

Paver Repairs

Celebrate curb appeal with NuAgain Paver Restoration. Our paver maintenance services deliver the care your exterior needs – so you can enjoy a beautifully maintained property, a stress-free way.

Paver Cleaning

Your pavers should be the highlight of your property. But without proper care, they can become the opposite. That’s why NuAgain Paver Restoration exists. With our solution for paver cleaning, your hardscapes will look the part, and they’ll last, too. Contact us now to request your FREE estimate. We’ll provide you an estimate within 24 hours.

Paver Sanding

NuAgain Paver Restoration utilizes state of the art cleaning equipment along with a line of professional grade cleaners developed for the care and maintenance of brick pavers. No matter what the condition of your pavers, restoration cleaning will make them look new again.

Paver Sealing

Pavers are always in the midst of a balancing act. They need to look beautiful in the present – and they need to maintain that impact in the future. NuAgain Paver Restoration is your property’s key to keeping that balance. With our paver sealing service, you can invest in your paver today and tomorrow.